L Cool

Stylish Aluminum stand for laptop

“L Cool” with minimalism design make you laptop not only looks cool but also feel cool. The frame structured stand expose surface beneath laptop for maximum heat dispersing and allows hot air flow freely without obstacle. The specially designed aluminum frame is able to be snapped on by accessories such as phone holder, cable ties and etc to be a customized docking. The elegant satin silver finishing is designed to suit your home fashion & workspace style.



  • Ÿ   Solid aluminum for steady and reliable support
  • Ÿ   Minimalism design with elegant satin grey finishing
  • Ÿ   Ergonomically raised height and tilted angle for better posture
  • Ÿ   Tilted angle and exposed laptop base improve air flow and cooling
  • Ÿ   Customize docking station with snap on accessories
  • Ÿ   Silicon support for device protection and anti-slip silicon base



  • ŸŸ   For MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and others laptop from 11” to 15” or laptop with depth of 25cm and below.
  •    Stand width is adjustable from 30~35cm.



  • Ÿ   Product Dimension       :  300~350 (W) mm x 260 (D) mm x 82 (H) mm
  • Ÿ   Packaging Dimension   :  330 (L) mm x 130 (W) mm x 42 (H) mm


 lcool01 Ergonomically raised height and tilted angle for better posture

  The laptop keyboard is tilted and the display is raised ergonomically to

   reduce muscular strain.  Ergonomics posture is important for reducing

   muscular strain especially for heavy laptop user.


 lcool02          Tilted angle and exposed laptop base improve air flow & cooling

           Tilted angle frame improves air flow by guiding hot air beneath laptop flow

           to the rear side large opening without obstacle. The large surface beneath

           laptop base is exposed to air for maximum heat dispersing and improve



 lcool03            Customize docking station with snap on accessories

             Feel free to snap accessories anywhere on the stand frame. Explore your

             creativity and have fun while maximizing function of you customize docking

             station. Available accessories are cable tie and phone holder.

             More accessories will be available soon.



                                                                 Instruction manual for C Cool Stand   

L Cool_ Instruction_131010



  • Ÿ   Use both hands and hold both side of stand when moving around
  • Ÿ   Do not move the stand by holding one side to prevent accidental fall off

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